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Survey: Awareness at Berlin Music Commission and Most Wanted: Music

Forwarded from Berlin Music Commission and Most Wanted: Music

It is close to our hearts that people with experiences of discrimination at Berlin Music Commission and participating in Most Wanted: Music feel as comfortable, safe and free as possible, before during and after the event, both on-site and online. To get a feeling for past problems as well as for needs and desires of all former and future attendees, we initiated a survey and would appreciate your feedback. From these anonymous responses, we will then begin to develop an awareness concept for Berlin Music Commission and Most Wanted: Music. The existing Code of Conduct will be revised based on the answers and the expertise of Safe the Dance, and concrete courses of action and consequences in case of possible incidents will be defined.

In this survey, you can tell us about your needs as well as your experiences about incidents. Please don’t hesitate to provide any information about what is important to you. We appreciate any information that helps us to push this process.

If you need further support, Safe the Dance offers personal meetings to talk about your experiences and to jointly discuss further steps such as mediation, consequences under labour law, assistance or the like. All conversations and communications are confidential. All information will only be shared if requested.

Please complete the survey by Friday, September 30.