Since November 2018, the Berlin Music Commission has run the Berlin-based women*’s network musicBwomen – art.business.media. 

musicBwomen – art.business.media. – is part of the nationwide Music Women Germany association for the promotion, networking and visibility of women* in the music industry. Whether working as an artist or in business, media or tech; whether a conductor, manager, musician, producer or technician – all women* in the music industry should have access to qualifications, networking, representation, participation and empowerment.


We create networks of women* in the music industry through meet-ups and networking events with partner initiatives and activists. Thanks to the support of Musicboard Berlin, we were able to lay the foundations of this network in 2019. The #musicbwomen advice centre, created at this time, gives women* in the music industry a place to exchange ideas and knowledge and supports further training and workshops to promote the future of pop culture. We also provide a networked platform through our website musicBwomen: Berlin Music Initiatives and offer increased professional visibility through a nationwide Database of Music Women Germany.


This project was founded by Andrea Rothaug (Bundesverband Popularmusik e.V.) in cooperation with RockCity Hamburg and musicHHwomen, with the aim of installing networks in all 16 federal states so far we have musicBwomen, musicBWwomen,  musicBYwomen, musicHHwomen, musicNDSwomen, musicNRWwomen, musicSwomen).


Music Women Germany is the independent umbrella organisation of these new regional networks that promote, network and make women* more visible in the music industry alongside existing networks, and was founded on 19.09.2019 at the Reeperbahn Festival. The first nationwide Database  of all women* in the music industry is also part of the project.


The aim of the new platform www.musicwomengermany.de and its integrated database is to promote gender equality and participation in the music industry for women*, through all levels of professionalism, regardless of age or origin. We plan to help our music culture and economy grow in a diverse, multifaceted, digital and networked way, ensuring that all women* have equal access to the music business.


Database. Network. Support.