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Video format “Diversity Portraits” | music is her passion

music is her passion highlights music women* working behind the scenes as well as trailblazing and equality-promoting music women* with their nine video format “Diversity Portraits”. First up is Ines Bartl (tour manager of Bad Cop / Bad Cop & founder of TMom.merch).

All information incl. the video you can find here.

About music is her passion:

“music is her passion is committed to a world of music on equal terms, where it does not matter what gender, skin colour, culture, religion or origin a person has. We are convinced that not only our musical universe will become even more colourful and diverse if we all pull together, make each other strong and together turn dreams into reality.

We promote equality in music because we have noticed that there are still some areas where equality does not yet exist. We have made it our task to create awareness of this and to talk to a wide range of people about the reasons for and possible solutions to inequalities.

We have the vision to create a worldwide movement from Berlin, which stands for freedom and equality in music. To have the freedom and opportunities to be successful in every professional field, regardless of gender, skin colour or culture.”

Photo by TheRegisti on Unsplash