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Music Women Germany COVID 19 Survival-Online-Kit

Corona. Corona. Corona.

The virus seems to define our everyday life more and more, demanding energy and patience from every one of us. We’re swimming in waves of digital communication amid whirlpools of applications, home office challenges, changing structures of income, expenses, family, fitness and emotion – caught between trying to do too much and trying to slow down. Some of us finally have the time to read that book, pursue that qualification or write that song, but most of us are feeling more and more insecure: How long is this going to last? What’s my perspective? Will I be there when it starts again?


Yes, anxiety and financial worries are real. And we need more than good advice: we need money, structural support, functioning networks, mindfulness and one thing in particular: a sense of perspective in our industry.

That is why we’re bringing you freshly updated information on the Music Women Germany website. From home office tips and information about digital tools and actions to mental health support and more. Packaged and posted to you from the Music Women Germany nerve-centre – today’s latest!

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