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MusiCoWomen Networking & Community Call I 28.05.2020

Zoom Meeting Link:

Zoom Rules:
1) Please be on time (or a couple of minutes early)!
2) Please make sure your mic & camera are working and on!

+++ Our Mission +++
We decided to keep our community alive by creating online meetings – this way we can exchange advices and tips about the current crisis situation and also support each other. In these times of insecurity we find it more important than ever to connect and lift each other ♥


MusiCoWomen brings the women* of the music industry together to co-work, network and empower each other.
This is a bi-weekly co-working session at Berlin’s sexiest female-only coworking space CoWomen at Alte Münze, basically in the middle of the city centre. We provide a space with free Wifi, good coffee and a comfortable work environment for you to get ahead with your projects, no matter which company or background you’re from.