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Open Call | Meetup Berlin

Meetup Berlin hat einen OPEN CALL!!!


Hier findet ihr alle Infos ⬇️

„Dear LGBTQ* friends & MEETUP community,

send us your music! We were kindly invited to do a takeover on the Tottenham-based THREADS radio on a Friday night, June 11th. And we’d love to share the music of our dear community with the world! No matter what genre or vibe, we’re warmly welcoming any track or song. Also, we’d love to hear from you, so if you like, feel free to accompany the music with a few lines or a short audio message about the song you’re sending, about you and your artistry or perhaps share your favourite memory from a Meetup with us 🙂 We’ll read it out loud or share the recording together with your music. If you’d like to participate, please share a .wav file or 320 kbps .mp3 file via WeTransfer to this email address:

Looking forward to hearing your music, more info about the show will follow soon!

Take care xx Anja, Eugenia and Friday ❤


About THREADS Radio:

Threads is a broadcast platform connecting local communities across the world and empowering people to express themselves through music, discussion and art. The station also features a second stream Threads* which showcases an array of content from across the world, with growing hubs in places such as Aubervilliers, Skopje, Wedding and Bushwick. As with our Tottenham arm, Threads* actively engages with and participates in the issues facing the communities it streams from.

About MEETUP Berlin:
Meetup is a community of female* artists in the fields of music and arts in Berlin. We meet 6-10 times per year to discuss and exchange ideas, develop projects and combine forces to make things happen. Meetup provides an opportunity to meet likeminded individuals for collaborating on projects. Likeminded groups and individuals are invited to share their music-related posts on our Fb-page, too.

Photo by kobu agency

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Zwei als Frauen* gelesene Personen sitzen gemeinsam vor einem Laptop vor einer großen Fensterfront.